Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why players flop

Last night, Lakers-Spurs, game 4. Brent Barry 'bumped' (according to Popovich, Jackson), 'fouled' according to the TNT crew of Reggie, Chuck, Jet, and EJ. But an interesting point Reggie made, was that Barry didn't "sell it." By 'sell it' they meant jump straight into him, in a shooting motion... and force the refs to make a call.

If Barry, when he got 'bumped,' had fallen to the ground, arms flailing, I'm thinking he would've gotten the call. But since he managed to get a call off, he didn't.

I see why everyone says it was a good no-call: end of game, 'light' contact, etc. But the general point that Barry could've decided whether to make it a foul or not (and not the ref), leaves me a little uneasy. That's essentially the whole problem with flops, players deciding when they get fouled, and then falling down to show it to the ref.


Stankoniforous One said...

You may find this interesting.

Stankoniforous One said...

More on flopping.

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