Thursday, May 8, 2008

Game 3: Hornets-Spurs

Supposedly Celtics-Cavs was flop-tastic. We didn't see that game, we've got some Celtics-Spurs, with video, hopefully in the future (but def not tonight).

1st quarter

5 flops by Ginobili. (We'll have a breakdown after we get hands on video).

3rd quarter

10:30 Parker flops on D, NC (No Call)
10:25 Paul flops foul on Parker
10:10 Parker flops a foul.... call: travel
8:27 handfight foul on Bowen... no real flopping, but plenty of handwaving
6:17 Oberto tries to flop CP3, NC
0:43 Ely tries (mildly) to flop off-ball

Somewhere else in the third, Parker tries to flop a foul, Duncan gets tangled up over Parker, and CP3 zips up court for a 5 on 3.


8:20 Parker hits his head on fall down on made layup. By my look, he didn't have to hit his head as he fell, and he hit his head through an act of embellishment.

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