Saturday, May 3, 2008

Different Kinds of Flops: the Manufacture

Here is a clip of Bonzi Wells abusing Manu Ginobili:

Oh, on second viewing, it's just good ole Manu up to his shifty tricks. Thanks, Manu, for showing us all exactly how to manufacture a flop call out of thin air.

What makes it manufactured:

1) There was no call already on the play when he fell.

2) Even after watching it, you can't see the foul.

3) There is usually a body flying through the air and sliding on the hardwood at least 4'-5'.

4) Chances are coaches are sending the clip in to league officials, and league officials are making the refs look at their handiwork.

5) It's a tough game to officiate, but chances are the ref who called it didn't see the 'foul' directly,
but instead only reacted to the flying body in his/her peripheral vision.

The manufactured flop: it's a classic. Chances are, whenever you see a flop, it was simply manufactured.

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