Sunday, April 27, 2008

Worst of the weekend

This weekend's worst offenders (in no particular order):

Dirk Nowitzki - Game 4, third quarter. Hack across the forearm, somehow he lands on his backside, sliding across the court. You can do better Mr. MVP. here

Ginobili - He basically rips away a rebound from Stoudemire (in the backcourt), and then exagerrates the foul to the point where it looks like he got hit with a tire iron. If he wants to get hit with a tire iron, I suspect he could find plenty of volunteers.

Curt Thomas - This one is the winner for me. He tries to flop after he runs into a screen.... on a DEAD BALL. As in, there was already a call somewhere else, and he still tries to draw a foul.
Shameful sh**.

(Update: we would be remiss if we didn't mention this gem of a deadball flop from last year, Baron Davis flopping against Okur here.)


Christian said...

Hmm, I'm starting to suspect a little Spurs hatred going on. Hopefully this isn't biased and you'll react as harshly to all floppers. Not just Spurs players.

Anonymous said...

Curt Thomas? Really?

luckystuff said...

Christian -

Find me some video (or even just a description: player, game, timestamp (e.g. Joe Blow, against the Rockets, tried to flop a charge with 5:20 left in the 2nd)), and we'll gladly put it up.

And, hopefully harshness of reaction will be based on egregiousness of offense. If someone stands in and takes a fast-break charge, that's just trying to take a charge. If someone flys out of bounds, does two summersaults, screams in end-of-life agonizing pain, all because someone handchecked him.... (ahem, Mr. Nowitzki...) then maybe they get called out more.

Stankoniforous One said...

Lucky, I'm with you. It's gettin so bad it's making soccer players look good.