Monday, April 28, 2008

Hawks - Celtics

Zaza Pachulia, receives an elbow across the face (from Davis?), and falls down - end of first quarter - rating: 1. Anytime you get an elbow across the chops, we can live with it.

Acie Law - loose ball, open court contact with Posey. Law falls down. - 7:41 left in the second. Rating: 2 - borderline. Hard to tell; going that fast a little contact can do big things.

Zaza P. - 7 left in the 2nd. Rating: 3 - embellished. Took that elbow threat from KG. Zaza staggers back so the refs notice.... But then he comes back and start jawing at him. Bottom line, if you're going to respond tough, then you gotta take it tough to begin with. Somebody comes at you with an elbow to the face, go at him. But don't pretend like it was that big a deal to begin with.

(This one might be the opposite of the rule where 'they always catch the second guy', when refs never see the initial contact, only the reaction. Maybe Zaza was trying to make sure the refs saw the initial incident, so he wouldn't get t'd up by himself.... but still, not winning any points on this blog. It wasn't a proud moment, but given that he got elbowed earlier, maybe we get him some leeway.

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