Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Different Kinds of Flops: the Embellishment

Maybe someday we'll cover all the different types of flops we find in the NBA, until then, we'll just do case studies of different types of flops. Today's flop: the embellishment.

Sample clip:

So we have Nowitzki actually getting fouled by Tyson Chandler.

Chandler bodies up on Nowtizki on the wing, and Nowitzki yells out already wanting a foul. Then Nowitzki beats Chandler driving left, and Chandler grabs, a whistle is blown, and then Chandler fouls (again) with a push, presumably to stop the easy continuation layup. So far, it's all still basketball. Then Nowtizki pirouettes, flails his limbs, and falls on his butt. Welcome to flop town.

At the end of the day, they call a technical on Chandler, and Nowitzki is at the stripe by himself.

What makes it an embellishment:
1) There was already a call being made (in this case the whistle had already blown).
2) The call gets escalated from a foul to a technical. So I guess we'll call this an Embellishment II. A regular first degree embellishment wouldn't have an escalated foul call with it.
3) It looks fairly serious on first viewing, but silly in hindsight.


Another example of an embellishment would be Kirilenko's pirouette after the hand-check by Scola. (here) at around the 1:10 mark. Was he fouled? Yes. Was the flailing necessary? I say no.

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